Close up of human Touching DNA molecule.
  • Reconnective Healing® is a highly evolved form of energetic interaction and rebalancing, without physical contact between the practitioner and you, that advances your health, balance and quality of life, through infinite freedom and expanded awareness. These vibrational frequencies encompass the energetic systems and benefits of all energy healing techniques, accessible here without complicated procedures and rituals of passage.


  • Reconnective Healing® does not involve mysticism, religion, magic rituals or magic, it is a practice that has been recognized by science. Scientists working in the most important universities in the world have verified, proven and recognized that the frequencies of Reconnective Healing® consist of energy, light and information. These frequencies harmonize and make coherent your vibration levels with your own energy, eliminating everything that disturbs your balance.


  • Reconnective Healing® is neither a therapy nor a treatment. It is a CHANGE. Each person's healing will be unique, as each of us has our own independent perfection and functioning.


  • Reconnective Healing is a source of wholeness. It is palpable. A vibrational shift occurs in all your cells. The information in your DNA changes. You will begin to emit more consistent levels of light. Your life becomes a harmonic flow and improves. You receive what is best for YOU in your life and for those you interact with. The benefits occur on either the physical, or/and mental, or/and emotional and even spiritual level. It is without a doubt a life improvement on all levels of your being.


  • Even the people close to you will notice and be affected by it.


  • The power of these frequencies begins to manifest itself immediately and effortlessly in your daily life, and continues to work even after the sessions are over.


  • The sessions can be facilitated on people of all ages, on children, on pregnant women, on sick people, on plants or on animals. There is no limitation on the range of frequencies of Reconnective Healing®. And most importantly, there are no contraindications. You will not be asked to remove your watch, jewelry or belt. There is no interference from metal or other materials.


  • For a Reconnective Healing® session you will be asked to lie on a massage table, fully clothed, with your eyes closed for your comfort and personal experience. These sessions can be facilitated in the presence of the practitioner or even remotely. Remote sessions have the same validity and produce the same results as in the presence of the practitioner. For a distance session you will also be asked to relax on a bed or chair, with your eyes closed, ensuring your personal comfort and possibly not being disturbed during the session.


  • A Reconnective Healing® session lasts about 30 minutes, in presence or at a distance. Distance does not play a limiting role, you can be tens of thousands of miles away or even elsewhere in the Universe, the intelligent frequencies of Reconnective Healing® will know exactly how to reach you.


  • As an official and certified practitioner, my experience leads me to offer you from 1 to 3 sessions. After 3 sessions, it is important to understand that any additional sessions will no longer depend on my personal expertise but on your choice.


  • Rely only on a certified practitioner officially recognized by TheReconnection.